Gary Allan lost all of his musical equipment after a tornado demolished the stage at a show in Alberta, Canada, last summer. But he continued on by playing with a collection of borrowed instruments. Gary has now found the perfect replacement guitar for the vintage Gibson he lost during that storm.

"It was signed by all of my favorites -- Merle Haggard, George Jones, Waylon Jennings and Buck Owens," Gary said of his lost guitar during a recent show in Tunica, Miss. Showing off the new one, he told the crowd, "This guitar, I found in Alabama. I had to drive two hours from my house in Nashville to meet the guy halfway. We met in the back of a Shoney's parking lot for about a half hour or 45 minutes."

"[This is] my brand new 'wife,'" Gary joked of the 1948 Gibson J-200, clearly relieved to have found a permanent replacement instrument. "When all your stuff gets smashed, everybody gives you new stuff. And when you've been playing the same guitar since you were like 12, that's a lot like dancing with somebody else's wife."

Look for Gary and the new missus out on the road with Brooks & Dunn throughout the year for the duo's Last Rodeo farewell tour. Gary's highly-anticipated album, 'Get Off on the Pain,' hits stores on Tuesday (Mar. 9).

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