Gary Allan is ready for fans to hear new music. The singer, who released his last album, Get Off On the Pain, in 2010, has been in the studio this spring working on his latest project. While the record is still untitled and doesn't yet have a release date, Gary reveals the first track on the album.

"I just finished it. I turned it in two days ago, and right now we're mastering it," Gary tells Maine newspaper the Bangor Daily News. "It's a really up album. It's a more rocking album than I've ever done. It covers everything from breaking up to healing. The first song is called 'A Tough Goodbye' and it really goes from there. It goes from anger to healing. I'm in Nashville right now, recording. I got to wake up in my own bed. It was nice."

The project is reflective of where Gary is at in his own life. "You get a glimpse of wherever I'm at now," Gary told The Boot in regards to how he changes his process for each album. "I've never listened to an album once I've finished it. All I hear is what I should've done different. I beat myself up over it. Not going back and focusing on what I'm writing currently, and what my friends have, always gives it a new shape. I don't have to try too hard to make it different."

The California native is currently on the Country Throwdown tour with Rodney Atkins, Justin Moore, Eric Paslay, Sunny Sweeney and Josh Thompson. It's an experience for him to become exposed to some of the up-and-coming acts in country music, and so far he's been impressed.

"I don't know too much about a lot of some of the newer folks, unfortunately," he admits. "But what I've seen on this tour has been great. Josh Thompson is a great songwriter, a great singer. He's gonna be around for a while."

The next stop for the tour is tonight (May 18) in Gulfport, Miss. Get a full list of tour dates here.

Watch Gary Allan's "Today" Video
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