Garth Brooks is currently headlining one of the biggest tours in music, of any genre: The country star began his three-year World Tour in 2014, and everything he does for it -- from the places he plays to the songs he chooses for his setlists -- is with the goal of giving his fans the best possible experience.

"For us, we like to take a city and grab it, and now just don’t let go," Brooks shared at a recent media event. "Six weeks before the show, we’re going to announce. Five weeks before the show, we’re going to put the tickets on sale, and hopefully it’s just going to boil. And then our job is to burn that thing down -- that’s our job. And, man, what a fun thing to do.

"But, concerts are like sex, really, if you think about it," Brooks adds. "The whole time, you’re working to get an invitation back."

Indeed, Brooks feels a big responsibility to make sure that his fans get their money's worth at each and every show, because attending concerts, he realizes, can be "the biggest pain in the a--."

"Getting tickets? Good luck. Getting honest tickets? Good luck. Nobody ever goes by themselves, so double that. Bring your kids, double that, or hire babysitters. Want to take your spouse to dinner on the way to the concert? Want to get a T-shirt at the concert? Try a beer at the concert -- they’re as much as the T-shirts are," Brooks explains. "And yet, they show up, and they show up in the back freakin’ rows, and they’re as excited as the people down front ... So, as we now play, all we’re looking for is the three seconds with each person out there, to go, ‘Thank you. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my children’s college.’"

To help himself connect even more with his fans, Brooks hosts his Inside Studio G Facebook Live chats every Monday night. The topics of discussion are wide open, for the most part -- just no politics.

"We try to stay away from politics, because the place is so split, kind of 50/50. But, still, [I'm] not scared of anything that you have to discuss, because, as long as you’re honest …," Brooks says. "I’m in a position where I can say, ‘If it all ends today, I had a good run with the run that we had.' So that gives you a freedom to do social media, but do so in an honest way, and just tell your feelings ... and now it becomes interactive, and now it becomes not one-sided."

Although it's Brooks who's selling out tour dates across North America, he counts his successes as wins for country music as a whole, not just for himself.

"Who has the largest tour in the world right now?. Country music does. Who has seven diamonds that no other format has had? Country music has that," Brooks boasts. "I want to keep raising that flag and doing my part to making that flag as big [as it can be]."

However, Brooks also hopes that his legacy extends far beyond his music.

"I hope my children remember me -- I hope they think I’m a good father and a good caretaker for them," Brooks says. "I hope my parents, on their last breath, thought they did a job well done."

A list of all of Brooks' upcoming shows is available on his website.

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