Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are going to be spending a lot of time together as they tour over the next three years, and so far, the couple says it's great to be on the road together.

"Every day is pretty great, I have to say," Yearwood tells the Tennesseean. "I don't want to sound like one of those sappy couples, but I'm that person. We've got great memories already, we'll just make some more."

Brooks agrees, but he says it wouldn't matter if they were making memories on tour or at home, as long as they're together.

"Home is wherever you're together. The best meal you've ever eaten is the one you eat together," he says. "Even just s---ty TV shows are fantastic if you get to watch them side by side."

Speaking of TV, Brooks recently walked in on Yearwood watching a chick flick, and he took a good lesson away from the scene he caught.

"The guy was making a toast at the wedding, and he said, 'The most important advice I can give you is, marry someone kind.' And I looked at her, and I thought, 'Wow,'" he says of Yearwood. "It's really sweet because when things get hellacious in a marriage and you're with someone that isn't kind, it gets really bad.

"You've always been kind to me, and I'll say it again, the worst day we've ever had together beat the best day I've ever had without you."

The couple is traveling together on Brooks' comeback tour, which the singer has said could last up to three years. Brooks recently made good on his promise to release his music digitally at an affordable price for fans, making his entire catalog available on GhostTunes for $29.99.

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