Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood have had discussions about him performing in the future, and fans will be happy to hear their decision.

"With Miss Yearwood's blessing, I have asked to fire this tour up for one more tour," Garth said in a press conference in Nashville last Thursday (Dec. 9) prior to his first of nine sold-out show's at Bridgestone Arena. "I want to do this tour one more time, and she has said yes."

Garth has always said that he would possibly tour again after his three daughters finished high school and went on to college. His oldest, Taylor, is 18, while the middle daughter, August, is 16. Allie, 14, is the one Garth says would quit school tomorrow if he said she could enter into a music career. In fact, she was the daughter who Brooks said would probably come to Nashville to see him perform at one of the benefit shows for flood relief in mid-Tennessee.

"The tour won't happen for a few years," Garth went on to say. "But I have to say I couldn't wait to get here today to do this show tonight."

The singer's performances in Nashville have shown the audience how much Garth loves to perform. He smiles and laughs throughout the show, and the excitement level is through the roof from the crowd as anticipation builds before he makes his grand entrance on the stage.

One of the reasons Garth wants to do another tour is to give his fans all the bells and whistles they were accustomed to seeing from his previous arena tours. While he is doing shows at the Wynn Las Vegas for the next four years, those shows are stripped-down with just Garth and an acoustic guitar. Trisha often joins him during that performance, which he says is very casual and laid-back. He just announced that he will only do 12 weekends a year, the minimum allowed by his contract, in order to be with his girls more.

"Once I came out of retirement I started saying 'yes' to too many things," he now says. Cutting back three weekends will give him extra time to be home with his family.

"You ask me which show I prefer, and it would be out here doing arena shows," Garth admits. He says, however, that the performances at the Wynn fit into his schedule right now because they allow him to see his daughters every night. A major tour across the U.S. would make it more difficult for him to be with his daughters, something he vowed to do when he announced he was retiring from the road in 2001.

"I don't see anything like this [his show] out there right now," Garth adds, "No offense to anyone out there who is on tour."

Garth is expected to raise over four million dollars for flood victims in middle Tennessee with the nine concerts, which continue Monday through Wednesday nights at Bridgestone Arena.