Garth Brooks has new music in the works. He's been teasing a new album for months, but now that he's revealed a title for the forthcoming collection, it feels more concrete and closer than before.

Brooks has been keeping his fans in the know about his new music through his Facebook Live series Inside Studio G. It's how he shared the album's title, and it's likely how he'll unveil more of the details as he's ready.

Read on to learn everything we know so far about Brooks' 11th studio album, Fun.

The Title

Brooks' next studio album will be titled Fun. He unveiled the album's title during his Jan. 21 episode of Inside Studio G, noting, "The title of the album was sparked because making it has been such a fun process to go through. Being able to go in and out of the studio while being on the tour, working with the same guys, it’s been amazing."

The Release Date

Brooks has not revealed Fun's release date, though he said during his Jan. 21 Inside Studio G Facebook Live chat that it will be available during the spring of 2019.

The Record Label

Fun will be released via Brooks' own record label, Pearl Records.

The Album Cover

The album cover for Brooks' Fun is not yet available. The Boot will update this story when it's released.

The Producer

Brooks has not shared who is producing Fun just yet.

The Single

Brooks has released two singles from Fun so far: "All Day Long" dropped in June of 2018 and was co-written by Brooks, Mitch Rossell and Bryan Kennedy, while Brooks debuted "Stronger Than Me" at the 2018 CMA Awards.

The Songs

Further information about the songs on Fun is not yet available.

The Tour

In March, Brooks will begin a stadium tour that will be hitting 10-12 cities each year for the next three years. He revealed his plans for the trek in October of 2018.

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