Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are constantly asked by reporters and fans alike: When will you make an album of duets? The answer to that question depends on when the superstar couple is ready to hit the road again. They've decided they won't make an album together until they can go out on tour to support it. For now, they're concentrating on raising Brooks' three daughters.

"In ten years or so, we'll see if our children are on their own and doing great," Brooks told The Boot. "And then I'll see if Mrs. Yearwood isn't burned out and would like to go back out. I won't go back out without her, for sure. If we get a chance to go out and light it up one more time, then that would be a fantastic opportunity."

"When the youngest graduates, if there's still a demand, maybe he and I will go out," Yearwood echoes to Everett, Washington's Daily Herald. "That would be the time to put out a duet album."

It may not be a full decade, but it will likely be at least six more years before we see Brooks and Yearwood out on tour. Their youngest daughter is 12 years old.