Florida Georgia Line sped to the top of the charts with their debut single, "Cruise," from their freshman album, Here's to the Good Times. The duo, comprised of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, admit they are still a bit surprised by how quickly they have found success in country music.

"We met in college and hit it off," Tyler explains to The Boot. "We didn't know we were going to be running a business together, or working together or living together. But it just fell into place and it's real organic, what we feel. We started with nothing. We started with two guitars and a couple of dudes who wanted to write songs for a living. We've been through the hard times together and the good times. Being on stage with your best friend is cool, and you definitely grow as buddies and learn a lot on the way, doing it all together. We've become best friends. We don't butt heads too often, and when we do, we talk it out and move on."

One thing they completely agreed on was to release their chart-topping tune, "Cruise," as their debut single. "It was the first song we started working on with [producer] Joey Moi," Brian recalls. "It was in our head, it was our first awesome song and kind of started where we're at now. It naturally fell into place."

Florida Georgia Line will play a few solo shows, including a performance before the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1, before they hit the road as the opening act on Luke Bryan's Dirt Road Diaries tour. Keep track of their concert schedule here.

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