Who says girls can't play football? Faith Hill proved an awesome defensive tackle Wednesday night on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' sacking a snowman on the roof of NBC's New York City studios. The country songstress changed out of the elegant black dress she wore on the interview segment into a bright yellow snow suit, joining Jimmy and actor Paul Giamatti ('Sideways,' 'John Adams') for a little fun in the fresh powder. Watch the hilarious video below.

Faith visited 'Late Night' to talk about the Tide Loads of Hope Program, to which she has dedicated a lot of her time and talents. The program was founded after Hurricane Katrina as a way to help natural disaster victims get clean clothes by way of a mobile laundromat. Tide sends a huge truck and fleet of vans carrying washers and dryers into hurricane, flood and earthquake-ravaged neighborhoods, to wash, dry and fold about 300 loads of laundry every day for free.

The program has made stops in Tennessee, Texas, California, Louisiana and North Dakota in the wake of floods and hurricanes in those states, and it has now extended into Haiti to help earthquake victims. Faith appears in a documentary about the efforts in Haiti, showing how Tide has provided washers and dryers for a hospital and orphanage in the suffering country. Watch the Tide Loads of Hope 'Our Heart Goes Out to Haiti' film here.