In February of 2012, Eric Church released "Springsteen" as the third single from his Chief album. The song became Church's first Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 hit, and his second No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart; it also received two Grammy nominations. 

While the lyrics to "Springsteen" perfectly conjure up images of a young couple falling in love as the song's namesake, Bruce Springsteen, plays onstage on a perfect summer night, Church tells The Boot that's not actually how the memories that inspired the hit song happened. Still, the country star has an unabashed admiration for the Boss.

The interesting part is, it's a love affair that takes place in an amphitheater between two people. It didn't happen with Springsteen, ironically; it happened with another artist.

I went to a concert when I was younger with a girl, and to this day, when I hear that artist, it's the soundtrack to that girl. I never think about her any other time, except when that song is on. That's where the "Springsteen" came from, and he seemed to be the perfect guy to craft that story around because of my love for him ... I have such a reverence for Bruce Springsteen's career and how he's built it.

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