Eric Church has announced his next single. Fans will soon be hearing his song "Round Here Buzz" on country radio.

"Round Here Buzz" was written by Church, Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick, and produced by Jay Joyce. Church says that he had the idea for the song's chorus and first verse when he and his co-writers got together, but during their writing session, they "changed it some and tweaked it some."

"The song needed to just be played. I felt like it had been kinda written and had been boxed in a little bit with everybody saying, 'It's a hit song,'" Church remembers. "The soul of the song, to me, is just us playing it."

Indeed, listeners will hear in "Round Here Buzz" similarities to past heartbreak hits from Church, such as "Give Me Back My Hometown" and "Record Year," both No. 1 singles. The song finds its narrator, in a small town, "sittin' on the hood of [my car] drinkin'" and lamenting the woman that left him due to an insatiable case of wanderlust.

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"Yeah, I’m sure there’s higher highs / Where the high risers rise / But me, I’m gonna sit right here tonight / And / Catch me a ‘round here buzz / ‘Cause you ain’t ‘round here none," Church sings in the chorus of "Round Here Buzz." "Lit up like that one stop light / Across from that welcome sign / Ever since you caught that out-there bug / I catch me a ‘round here buzz."

"Round Here Buzz" is Church's fourth single from his newest studio album, 2015's Mr. Misunderstood. In addition to the aforementioned "Record Year," the artist has released the album's title track (a Top 15 single) and "Kill a Word" (a Top 10 single) from the record.

Church is currently out on the road for his Holdin' My Own Tour, which is scheduled to run through late May. Each night of the trek features two sets from Church and no opening act.

Listen to Eric Church's "Round Here Buzz"

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