Familiar faces -- and records -- abound in Eric Church's new music video, for "Record Year."

The "Record Year" clip, which readers can watch above, was directed by John Peets and Reid Long, the minds behind Church's "Mr. Misunderstood" music video. Fans who have seen that video will find plenty familiar about the one for "Record Year": Church and his band are back in that old schoolhouse, and McKinley James -- who appears on the Mr. Misunderstood album cover and in the title track's video -- joins them once again.

But vinyl is the real star of the "Record Year" video: Throughout the clip, James is seen assembling a 3D audio waveform out of differently sized records, while Church and his band can be found listening to various records on turntables. It's an appropriate video treatment for a song that name-checks everyone (and everything) from Red Headed Stranger to James Brown ... and many more.

The song and its music video are also appropriate given Church's own affinity for vinyl.

“People are starting to get back into that. They’re starting to realize that is how music is meant to be consumed,” the artist says. “I’m a vinyl collector, so it does my heart good.”

In the "Record Year" video's performance scenes, Church is playing his own signature version of the Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar. Dubbed the "Hummingbird Dark," the guitar will be available at authorized Gibson retailers beginning in May, according to a press release.

“Record Year” comes from Mr. Misunderstood, Church’s recent surprise album. The project is available for purchase through Church’s store and on iTunes.

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