Emily West, Keith UrbanIt's not every day that newcomers to the country music scene can get a superstar to sing on their debut album ... unless you're Emily West. Her latest single, 'Blue Sky,' from her forthcoming album on Capitol Records features the voice of labelmate, Keith Urban.

"My mom has this plaque on the wall that says 'Always pay attention to your crazy ideas,'" Emily tells The Boot. "That has become my motto -- to not ever worry about somebody stealing your crazy ideas because if they're any good you're going to have to ram them down somebody's throat in the first place."

That motto came into play when she worked up the nerve to email Keith a copy of 'Blue Sky' with a special request of lending his background vocals to the power ballad. "I emailed him, and I said, 'Please ... I need your help,'" Emily recalls. "I said, 'Just give me a chance.' I know he's busy, but I just want him to hear this song. He heard it and said, 'Oh my -- I would be more than happy to sing with you on this!'"

Watch the 'Blue Sky' video below!


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