Emily Nenni has accrued an organic, fired-up fanbase over the past few years through her live performances on the road and in Nashville's beloved bars like Bobby's Idle Hour, Robert's Western World and Santa's Pub where she's a vital part of the honky-tonk scene. Her 2017 record, Hell of a Woman, and the string of releases that followed — including the 2020 EP Long Game — have seen long-lasting success, proving the timeless relevance of her songwriting. Now, she gets her label debut with a new album, On the Ranch, out Nov. 4, 2022, via Normaltown Records, an imprint of New West Records. 

emily nenni on the ranch album cover
Normaltown Records

Nenni co-wrote the songs for On the Ranch with Mike Eli (Chris Stapleton's guitarist who also co-produced the LP alongside Alex Lyon) during an escape to a ranch in Colorado where Eli's wife was working in 2020.

The title track, "On the Ranch," paints a vivid scene of the two longtime collaborators' time there– riding along on wrangles, drinking beer while watching the cattle come in, and two-stepping in the ranch kitchen.

"On the Ranch" follows the release of Nenni's country-rock banger "Can Chaser," which flips the script on sexist takedowns of women barrel racers, who face similar struggles as women in country music. She tells a heroine's story, conceptualized after listening to the ranchers talk about their experiences in rodeo.

"In the Mornin'" reverses the roles of the one-night-stand narrative in classic rock songs and tells it from a woman's perspective. With a friendly warmth and sense of humor, Nenni dishes clever comebacks and makes it clear she doesn't suffer fools.

These are some of Nenni's best recorded vocal performances yet, on par with her well-seasoned live singing. The country twanger is both tender and tough — her songs are as lyrically detailed as Terry Allen songs, delivered with the outlaw edge of Jessi Colter, honky-tonk style and a voice all her own. 

Nenni just got off the road with Charley Crockett and is currently opening for Kelsey Waldon on tour. On the Ranch is now available for preorders

Emily Nenni, On The Ranch Track List:

1. "Can Chaser"
2. "Useless"
3. "On the Ranch"
4. "Leavin’"
5. "In the Mornin’"
6. "Matches"
7. "Gates of Hell"
8. "Does Your Mother Know"
9. "The Rooster and the Hen"
10. "Get on With It"

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