Emerson Drive are opening up about the impact the suicide if their former bassist, Patrick Borque, still has on the group almost two years later. The Canadian country singers say their friend's death served as inspiration for song selection on their new CD.

"The title of the album is 'Believe' -- I think that sums up a lot of what we've gone through in the last couple years," lead singer Brad Mates tells Canoe. "To be able to go through something tragic like that, and be able to talk about it on stage to people who may have gone through a similar situation, gives people a bit of hope, because we fought through it."

Patrick's role has not been easy to fill. Even though Emerson Drive does have another bassist traveling with them, no one has ever been named as Patrick's official replacement, and Brad doubts anyone ever will. "Patrick is obviously in our hearts all the time," he says. "When you're onstage, you have your nights where you turn back and almost see him there. But he's definitely given us a story to talk about onstage and off, and I think that's a gift."

While they are still reeling from the shock of his death, which happened shortly after his resignation from the band, the band is moving forward. They believe they have a responsibility to bring hope to their fans, in spite of their personal pain. "Looking at what people are going through these days here in North America, I think that absolutely you've gotta take a look at what you're putting on your albums, and the messages that you're relaying to people," says Brad. "Because the last thing that people want to be listening to on the radio or buying on an album is something that makes them depressed."

Emerson Drive's new album, 'Believe,' has already been released in Canada. It will be released in the U.S. later this year.