An unlikely love story is the focus of the Eli Young Band's video for their latest single, "Say Goodnight." The foursome find themselves assisting a "cute robot" -- their words -- in learning human social customs, while falling in love with a beautiful blonde.

"When we saw the first line of the treatment, and saw that it said a robot does this, we were like, 'What?' But by the end of the script, we were like, 'This is OK. I get it,'" Mike Eli tells The Boot. "The way it was shot, which makes the robot come to life, is very cool."

Watch the Eli Young Band's "Say Goodnight" video below.

While this love story may not seem the most logical for the song, it does incorporate the tune's title quite nicely. As the robot's paramour helps him get acquainted with human interaction, she types cues into his arm keypad, instructing him what to say. However, his nod to the band comes when he's ready to show his growth.