The Eli Young Band family is continuing to grow, with lead singer Mike Eli already a proud dad to baby girl Kline Olivia Diaz, and bassist Jon Jones expecting a child with his wife, Sarah. While it may seem challenging to balance fatherhood with their growing music career, the guys believe they can succeed at both roles, thanks to lessons they learned from another four-member group.

"We really credit Little Big Town when we were on the Throwdown Tour, watching them have their families out on the road and seeing that it can actually be done," Mike tells Loveland, Co. radio station KXBG. "That's one of those things that we always weren't quite sure how do you have a family and be out on the road at the same time, because being on the road is tough. Having them out there and watching them, they really do. So we really credit them with convincing us that you can actually have a productive life outside of being on the road."

"I think they're secretly raising a band," drummer Chris Thompson adds jokingly, of LBT's brood of three. "In five more years, their kids are all gonna be like a band."

EYB just celebrated their second chart-topping single, "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," from their Life at Best album. The tune, written by singer-songwriters Eric Paslay and Will Hoge, is indicative of the direction the four guys feel they are heading towards.

"It was a subject we wanted to cover," Jon tells the Boot, "but we felt there was no way we could write the song as well as Eric and Will did. We loved the idea and it was captured so perfectly we couldn't pass it up."

The Eli Young Band, which also includes guitarist James Young, will have plenty of time to take more family lessons from LBT. They are continuing on the road serving as openers on Rascal Flatts Changed tour, along with Edens Edge. See a complete list of concerts here.

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