When they look back on this year, new country trio Edens Edge can scarcely believe all the wonderful things that happened for them in their first year their music received national exposure.

"We went out on our first major tour with Brad Paisley, then we got to go out with Reba," Hannah Blaylock tells The Boot of just a couple of their accomplishments.

"Now we're on the road with Lady Antebellum," adds Cherrill Green. "When we were out with Reba, we saw what a professional she is, but we also saw that she really cares about people. She taught us a lot."

"And we made our debut on the Grand Ole Opry, at the Ryman, in March," Hannah says, adding "Brad Paisley was so sweet to come out and introduce us that night and that meant so much to us."

In introducing the trio, Brad told the Opry audience, "I really like this next group. The head of their record label [Scott Borchetta of the Big Machine Label Group] played them for me late last year after I was asking him if he had anyone he wanted me to take out with me on tour. He said, 'Listen to these guys,' and one song was all it took for me. I said, 'They've got to go out with us'."

"We have learned a lot from being on the road with these folks," Dean Berner says of the group's 2011 tour partners. "We learned so much about being onstage from Brad and Reba, about what a show is and how to entertain the crowd. You just can't learn things like that until you are actually there, in that situation, and have the opportunity to study their show every night. Brad was so encouraging and he was great to be out with on that first major tour."

Cherrill, Dean and Hannah all hail from Arkansas, where their love for music led them to find one another and form Edens Edge. They released their debut single, 'Amen,' earlier this year. The threesome signed their recording contract with Big Machine after they performed in honor of their mentor, Kye Fleming, when she was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame a few years ago.

"Big Machine is like a family to us," Hannah says. "They have been so supportive of us."

While they are winding down their year with Lady Antebellum, Edens Edge is already looking ahead to 2012.

"We hope that our songs get played more on radio and we hope to see more people singing our songs back to us in concert," says the group of their goals for the new year.

Edens Edge continues with Lady Antebellum's Own the Night 2011 tour, which also features Josh Kelley, through Dec. 18. They will be in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Dec. 1 and Lubbock, Texas on Dec. 2.

Watch an exclusive video diary from Hannah below, followed by Edens Edge's 'Amen' video.

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