Russellville, Arkansas is where Edens Edge take us in the latest installment of their 'Going Home' webisode series for The Boot. That's the hometown of the trio's Dean Berner, who invited cameras into his childhood home to show off his amazing guitar collection, with some of the instruments handmade by his dad.

Russellville is also the place where Edens Edge was born, as Dean met bandmates Cherrill Green and Hannah Blaylock, who both went to school there, in his small town. The three accomplished musicians have been playing together for more than seven years, the last of which has been a whirlwind. "Since we've signed a record deal, it's like everything has been on fast forward. The pace of it just really really kicks up," Dean says. "We've played with Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis, Ronnie Milsap, a lot of great artists. Getting to meet them has been one of the coolest things about our journey so far."

Watch Dean's 'Going Home' episode below, then check out Hannah's personal video here, and Cherrill's here.

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