When the Barnes Brothers began shooting a documentary about Todd Snider, Elizabeth Cook and the burgeoning alt-country scene taking place across the river from Music City's commercial center, they intended to capture the spirit of the music. Instead, drugs and alcohol rapidly took over the project, and they ended up with 'East Nashville Tonight.'

The filmmakers inadvertently stumbled into a hotbed of hard-drinking, pill-popping modern-day outlaw country singers who didn't mind openly displaying their penchant for intoxication on screen.

The film centers around Cook, who has been offered a talk show after a successful appearance on David Letterman's show, and Snider, who volunteers to produce it for her locally, utilizing talent that they both know from the East Nashville scene, as an alternative to her distaste for New York and Hollywood.

What instead transpires is a series of darkly comical drug-and-booze-fueled misadventures as the hapless Snider creates utter chaos, aided and abetted by a supporting cast of some of the top singer-songwriters in the alt-country scene. In addition to their counterculture musical stance, the musicians involved in 'East Nashville Tonight' also seem to share an unapologetic fondness for a wide variety of intoxicants, both legal and otherwise.

In the exclusive clip above, Snider stumbles (literally) into one of Cook's recording sessions to try to talk to her about their upcoming project. This scene contains strong language.

'East Nashville Tonight' is available beginning today (Nov. 19) by clicking here. There are several options, ranging from a $4.99 watch now online package to a $9.99 package that includes performance footage of seven extra songs, commentary and more.

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