Iconic rocker and Foo Fighters member Chris Shiflett has made a home in the country music genre in recent years: He's released two solo albums, including 2019's Hard Lessonswith ace Nashville producer Dave Cobb.

On one of Hard Lessons' tracks, "The One You Go Home To," Shiflett aimed to immerse himself even more fully in a classic country tradition: the duet. For help, he turned to an expert: Country singer-songwriter Elizabeth Cook, not only a mainstay of the format, but also already a friend of Shiflett's, having appeared on an episode of his bi-weekly podcast, Walking the Floor With Chris Shiflett

To learn more about how "The One You Go Home To" came together, and how the two artists dialed back into a time-honored country music recording style, read on as Shiflett recounts the story behind the song.

I wanted to do a classic country duet. And I had interviewed Elizabeth for my podcast a while before I went to make the record, and I just asked her, "Hey, would you ever be interested in recording a duet with me?"

[I thought] she'd be the perfect person to do it, because obviously she knows that style so well. And, luckily, she said, "Sure."

When I got out to Nashville to record, me and her and my friend Aaron [Raitiere] just sat there in [RCA] Studio A and looked at that song together. And when it came time to record it, [Cook and I] sat in on the same mic, like, super old school. It was great.

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