Nothing spreads faster than gossip, as Dylan Marlowe knows all too well. His breakup is the subject of the small-town rumor mill in his new song "Goodbye Gets Around," premiering exclusively on The Boot.

A midtempo, steel- and acoustic guitar-driven melody somewhat masks Marlowe's heartbreak in his new song. The verses find the singer lamenting how "when that rumor mill gets to rollin' / Girl, you know it just don't stop." Their names weren't on everybody's lips until things went south — "When things are going good / It's quiet as a prayer," Marlowe sings — but now that he and his love have split, even "that county line over knows all about me and you."

"Goodbye gets around in this two-light town / All them boys are buyin' rounds 'cause they know you ain't with me," Marlowe sings in the chorus. "And hell yeah, it hurts 'cause I ain't said a word / But it's like everybody's heard 'bout us and it ain't been a week ...

"But I guess that's the thing about these stompin' grounds," he reasons: "When a girl like you goes, goodbye gets around."

A Statesboro, Ga., native, Marlowe was all in on baseball as a kid. His father played drums for a Christian rock band, but it was a friend who inherited a guitar from his grandfather who helped Marlowe find his penchant for music: After Marlowe borrowed an extra guitar and began learning songs, they'd play together, and playing covers led to writing music of his own.

Marlowe attended Georgia Southern University — the alma mater of Luke Bryan, among other notable country music names — but left to move to Nashville in 2019. Friend and fellow musician Trea Landon introduced Marlowe to Dallas Davidson, who signed Marlowe to a publishing and artist development deal with his Play It Again Music in 2020.

"Goodbye Gets Around" is due out widely on Friday (July 30). It's available to pre-save on a variety of platforms now.

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