Having practically grown up in Alabama's Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Dylan LeBlanc's musical path was carved out for him at an early age ... whether he liked it or not.

"I was around it so much that I didn't appreciate it as much as other people would," Dylan tells The Boot of the music he grew up with. "I wanted to be a lot different from the things I heard, because after a while it just got on my nerves since I heard it all the time. But it's just ingrained in your mind. There's no getting away from it."

Those influences can be heard in his debut album, 'Paupers Field,' which was released in August. Its latest single is 'Death of Outlaw Billy John,' inspired by a fantasy that came to Dylan as he sat down to write one day. "The story is about a man, which is told from his sister's point of view," he explains. "The first line is 'Meredith comes over in a hurry because they're sending Billy John to the gallows.' The storyline behind that song is people aren't really born bad, it's other people who treat them bad that turns them into bad people."

Watch the world premiere of the 'Death of Outlaw Billy John' below.


Dylan considers his songwriting style to be a little different than most. "Have you ever thought so hard that you forget where you are and go to this other place, where you can talk to these people that are in your head?" he asks. "If I don't like where I am, I'll just drift off to a whole other world or talk to these people and observe what's going on around me in this daydream, so much so that I can hear things and smell things; it's really weird. I'm kind of crazy. [laughs]"

Filming the video the may not have been the best experience, but Dylan is satisfied with the end result. "It was really hot that day, and I didn't like the producer," he says with a laugh. "He was actually not that bad of a guy, I was just hot and irritated that day. I think the video turned out pretty good. We filmed it in Nashville at the old Marathon Motor Car factory, where they used to make the old T-Model Fords, like the generic brand of T-models. It was a good day."

Dylan hits the road in January with Lissie. Details on the tour can be found here.