Southern rock band the Drive-By Truckers have released the music video for their song "Surrender Under Protest," and, like many others from during this politically charged season, it makes a strong social statement.

Directed by Lance Bangs -- whose credits include Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Sting and the Black Keys -- and filmed in Portland, Ore., the "Surrender Under Protest" video features a performance by the Truckers interspersed with clips from Black Lives Matter protests. Readers can press play above to watch.

"I've long been a fun of Lance's work and instinctively knew he would know exactly the perfect visual element for this song," singer and guitarist Patterson Hood tells Pitchfork. "Just like the song encapsulates a period of unrest and change for America, its accompanying video brings that message to life with images of a divided, but still united nation."

"If the victims and aggressors / Just remain each others' others / And the instigators never fight their own," sings Hood in the final verse of "Surrender Under Protest," before launching into the anthemic, catchy and incendiary chorus: "Compelled, but not defeated / Surrender under protest if you must / Compelled, but not defeated."

"Surrender Under Protest" is the Drive-By Truckers' newest single; it comes from their 11th studio album, American Band. Released on Sept. 30, intentionally around the time of the 2016 presidential election, the goal of American Band is to bring the conversation around civil rights and political responsibility to the heart of country-rock music, a genre that has been defined by patriotism and traditionally conservative views. The Truckers have bucked that tradition not only in their new music but also in more overt actions, such as performing at this year's Democratic National Convention; Hood says that the band is more concerned with talking about what's important than being careful not to ruffle feathers.

"We feel very strongly about these things,” Hood tells USA Today. "There are conversations at this moment in time that I don’t have to have with my children that our bass player, who has a black daughter, will have to have with her. As long as that exists, there is a need to say things like 'Black Lives Matter.'"

Visit iTunes or the band's official website to purchase American Band.

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