Drake White says that his recent departure from Big Machine Label Group is more of a beginning than an end. A decision that wasn't entirely his, White was released from BMLG after creating one album and two EPs, and the artist says that while the break was initially frustrating, he knows it will be the right thing in the long run.

"No man wants to be dropped, or fired from a job or anything ... But I knew it made me so hungry," White tells PopCulture. "Back when I got dropped from Universal five years ago, it was God's way of just showing me, just testing me. Because I know He's got great things around the corner for us. I know He does. I know it. I've dreamed about it and I feel it. And I have faith that that's coming. So it's just, for me it kind of puts another arrow in my quiver and prepares me for even a bigger thing."

White released a new EP, Pieces, in May. He says that finding the right label for his music is important to him as an artist, and commercial success is secondary to being true to himself.

"It's a tricky little place. I've always been super convicted about my art and what I wanted to do," White says of his unique musical style. "And the label's job is to give that art the best chance to win across the board, commercially or whatever it should be. I know exactly who I am and what I want to do for an artistic standpoint ... It's fiddles, it's harmonicas, it's great bass lines and great song writing."

White's most recent album included songwriting collaborations with Brent Cobb, busbee, Josh Osborne and many other songwriting standouts. White says that true-to-life songwriting and live shows are at the top of his priority list.

"I've written with the best songwriters in the world for the last six, seven, eight years in Nashville. I've always been one of those guys that are left of center. And that's why I've never tried to deny that," White says. "I've got a lot of fans and a lot of great friends in country radio. Country radio is a big priority of mine, but the bigger priority is the fans. It's really super serving those fans and giving them the most unbelievable show."

White has a full tour schedule this fall. For a complete list of dates, visit his website.

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