Dolly Parton, whose book, "Dream More: Celebrating the Dreamer in You," arrived in stores and online this week, made a dream come true for TV host Stephen Colbert when she appeared on his Comedy Central series, "The Colbert Report" Tuesday night (Nov. 27). The wry host told the iconic entertainer, "As a little boy growing up in South Carolina, I watched the 'Porter Wagoner Show.' Huge country music show, Saturday afternoons, right after the cartoons were over. I always had to see whether Dolly was gonna be on the show. I had a little crush on you."

Not only did the host get to interview his crush, he also had the opportunity to sing with and play guitar for her, joining Dolly on her legendary hit, "Love Is Like a Butterfly." (Watch their performance below.)

During their chat, Colbert read a quick list of merely a few of the myriad accomplishments the singer/songwriter/actress/philanthropist has experienced throughout her career. Dolly acknowledged that she's had the opportunity to see many of her dreams come true, but, just as the new book's title suggests, said, "I just want to do more of the same stuff. I just kind of wake up with new dreams every day. I never know what I'm gonna do next."

Noting the book's title, the TV funnyman said, "I often dream about fighting bears," to which the always sharp Dolly replied, "Well, you probably do. But you need to dream more ... this little book talks about dreamin' more and actually being able to put wings and legs and arms on your dreams. In other words, get out and make 'em come true." Naturally, Colbert kept the jokes coming. When Dolly said that all the proceeds from the sale of the book were being donated to her Imagination Library, he asked, "Is that a library full of imaginary books?" She then explained that the organization, which she started in her hometown of Sevierville, Tenn., gives a child a book a month from the time they're born until the time they start school, so that they can learn to read. (Learn more here.)

Noting that she was one of 12 children and he was one of 11, Dolly said, "You're probably Catholic, right?" Colbert, obviously caught off-guard, said, "And I'm guessing you're not?" "No, we were just horny hillbillies," Dolly answered.

The interview closed with pair racing to name all of their siblings as quickly as they could -- at the same time. Watch the full episode (including that hilariously breathtaking moment!) here.