Dolly Parton has a new album out this month, the title of which evokes the rich heritage of her home in the Smoky Mountains. The country legend is releasing the eight-song commemorative CD entitled 'Sha-Kon-O-Hey!' to benefit Friends of the Smokies, an organization devoted to preserving and protecting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by raising funds and public awareness. Parton, who was born in Locust Ridge in Sevier County, Tenn., is the official ambassador of the 75th anniversary of the Park.

"Having grown up and lived in the heart of these beautiful mountains, my love for this area is deep, genuine and heartfelt," says Parton. "The mountains have inspired so much of my music, and these new songs convey my love for this area as well as the folks like me who call the Great Smoky Mountains home."

The eight songs on 'Sha-Kon-O-Hey!' are Parton originals, all of which will be performed in Dollywood's new stage show of the same name, premiering on May 9. The 45-minute show takes audiences back to a time of great change in the Smoky Mountains during the 1930s, and is being billed as the most elaborate Dollywood's 24-year history. "Sha-Kon-O-Hey" is derived from the Cherokee name for the Smoky Mountains meaning "land of blue smoke."

The 'Sha-Kon-O-Hey!' CD is available at Dollywood, Dollywood's Splash Country, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and Dinner Attraction, select Food City locations, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Visitor Center, and, as well as other locations throughout the area.

The CD will retail for $10, eight dollars of which Parton will donate to Friends of the Smokies.

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