Back in October of 1978, Dolly Parton made an iconic appearance on the cover of Playboy, wearing the Playboy bunny costume, a bowtie and rhinestone-studded cuffs. Parton was the first country singer to ever pose for the notoriously salacious magazine, which was known for its scantily clad models, though Parton put a strict no-nudity clause in place for her own Playboy shots.

Now, the country legend says she'd like to revisit that pioneering photo shoot. In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday (March 8), Parton explained that not only is she not planning on retiring anytime soon -- she'd like to celebrate her 75th birthday in 2021 by posing for Playboy once more.

"See, I did Playboy magazine years ago," she explains. "and I thought it'd be such a hoot if they go for it. I don't know if they will. If I could be on the cover again when I'm 75."

The last time the singer posed for Playboy, she was 32 years old -- but Parton says she could still wear the same costume she used for her shoot in 1978.

"I could probably use it, maybe. Boobs are still the same!" she adds. "I'm kind of cartoonish, and cartoons don't really age that much. When I'm 90, I'll probably look about the same way. Just thicker makeup, bigger hair."

Parton has made a career out of pushing the envelope of what's possible for a woman in country to accomplish. While she was the first to pose for Playboy, she's not the only country artist who's done so in recent years: Maren Morris also posed for a (clothed) photo shoot and gave an interview in the magazine back in 2019.

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