Dolly Parton sparkled her way through the grand opening of her brand new Nashville store, Trinkets and Treasures, last week, thrilling fans by appearing on the street out in front to cut the ribbon and christen the colorful gift shop.

Clad in a 'Dumb Blonde' rhinestone t-shirt (a tribute to the name of her first hit back in the mid-'60s), Dolly greeted the fans who showed up in spite of the rain and lined the streets outside to celebrate the new retail venture. Several Dolly lookalikes in full wig and makeup dotted the crowd -- it's worth noting that Dolly is perhaps the only celeb out there who could inspire grown men to dress like fairy princesses, donning pink cowboy hats or tiaras and pink feather boas for the occasion to try and win a better glimpse of the enchanting singer inside.

"It's about time I had a store in Nashville," Dolly told the crowd during the subsequent press conference inside the store. "We've always sold things up in East Tennessee at Pigeon Forge and other places, but this is the perfect place for me to have a store. This is the first time we've gone all out, and fans seem to love to be able to walk in a store and pick up what they want, either trinkets or treasures. So we have some fun junk, and we have some really nice pieces: jewelry, tote bags, t-shirts, little hats or baby things ... we sell anything in here!"

Dolly added that she approved most of the items for sale, and quipped, "I'm going to get a discount on most of it!"

Painted in a coat of many bright colors, with clouds on the ceiling, the shop features several of Dolly's gowns in glass display cases, as well as a listening station for her albums. Her signature butterfly insignia dons everything from aluminum water bottles to buttons.

Dolly's vivacious humor and wit is apparent all throughout the store as well, from the 'Town Tramp' and 'Hick' t-shirts, to the mudflap-girl-with-a-cowboy-hat license plates. Following her remarks, Dolly spent an hour meeting and greeting the winners of the best Dolly costume contest. She also met and posed for pictures with the scores of other fans who showed up to share her big day.

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