Dolly Parton Because of her signature, over-the-top beauty style, it's virtually impossible for Dolly Parton to ever hope to blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. Even if she decides to go out in disguise, It seems there's one facet of her unique self she just can't seem to hide from people ... and it's probably not what you're thinking.

"People recognize my voice," Dolly tells Alberta's Daily Herald-Tribune. "I remember once I was going Christmas shopping. I did my makeup completely different with dark eyebrows, and wore a short black wig, and wore different clothes than I would normally wear. And I was in a record shop buying stuff with friends that nobody would have recognized. And I said something, and this group of kids said, 'You're Dolly Parton in a black wig!' My voice is as recognizable as my looks. So then I was stuck. And I felt bad because I looked so weird. So I went back home, put on my own garb, and went out Christmas shopping as myself!"

But does Dolly ever just go out without making up her face and putting on one of her famous wigs?

"No. I wouldn't do that anyway," she says. "Unless there was an emergency and my husband was having a heart attack and I had to get him to the hospital, I wouldn't go out without my makeup. I certainly go out without wigs on, but I always try to put a little makeup on, if only for my husband's sake, if nothing else. I don't want to look like a rag around him; I don't get to see him all that much, so I always put on makeup for him. And I always try to look presentable, in case I get stopped on the street!"

Dolly's 'Live From London' DVD will be released Nov. 10.