It seems like just about everyone is an Adele fan -- including Dolly Parton. In fact, the country legend likes the pop star so much that she wrote a song with her name in it.

"I love her, love her, love her!" Parton tells Digital Spy. "Did you notice I used her name in one of the songs on the album? On "Head Over High Heels," when I say 'I put on my tight dress, hair piled on my head / Painting my lips red and my eyes like Adele.'"

The song that Parton references, "Head Over High Heels," is the ninth track (out of 10) on her upcoming new album, Pure & Simple. And while the iconic artist is only singing about Adele this time around, Parton admits that she would be totally down for a collaboration of any sort with the "Hello" singer.

"I love her! I would love to do something with her. I just love her," she continues. "I love how she looks, I love how she sings, I love how she is. I would love to do something with her. Maybe write a song? Maybe do a duet."

Parton's Pure & Simple record will be available on Friday (Aug. 19). It is her 43rd studio album, and she's producing it herself.

“This new Pure & Simple project is really special to me because I’m taking my fans back to my roots,” Parton says in a press release. “I feel like these songs have a pure, tender side, and we didn’t go overboard with arrangements.”

Parton is currently on the road in support of the album, on her Pure & Simple Tour. It is her largest North American tour in more than 20 years.

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