Our condolences go out to Dierks Bentley, as he mourns the loss of his father, Leon Bentley.

"My dad died yesterday," the singer-songwriter tweeted Saturday (June 2). "It was an honor to comfort him as he left us. Thank you fans for the time and understanding."

It's not yet known what caused Mr. Bentley's death. A great inspiration to his musical son, he was a second lieutenant in the Army and served in World War II. "I know he really enjoyed his time in the Army," Dierks recalls of his dad. "He grew up in a town of 1200 people and the army was a chance to go overseas and see some of the world. He really enjoyed the men in his company and lost some friends over there. He doesn't talk too much about that aspect of it, but he has nothing but good memories of being able to serve and be part of that."

Dierks has postponed his concert scheduled for this week in Washington, D.C., telling fans, "With a heavy heart, we have to postpone Last Call Ball 8 on Wed. We plan to reschedule."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dierks and his family.

Watch Dierks Talk About His Poignant Song, "Home"

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