Dierks Bentley had a very specific idea in mind for the video for his latest single, "Tip It on Back." The Arizona native wanted to film it at the famed Georgia Theatre, in Athens, Ga., which suffered a devastating fire in 2009.

"I'm not from Georgia, but I really love that place and (the fire) really affected me," Dierks explains. "I went down there and visited, and just the walls were standing. When it came time to make this video, we knew we wanted to shoot it somewhere kind of college-y and really just Athens, and knowing that place was back open again, I wanted to shoot it there."

The 37-year-old country star filmed the video during his Country & Cold Cans: Back to College tour. "The Georgia Theater's one of my favorite venues," he continues. "I played there three times before I sold it out, and my brother went to school down there. I've always loved that theater, and there's certain clubs along the way that when you sell them out, it's a big deal. Selling out the Georgia Theatre is a milestone for any country singer."

"Tip It on Back" is the fourth single from Dierks' Home album. See the video below.

Dierks is getting ready to hit the road with Miranda Lambert on their Locked & Reloaded tour, which the married father of two admits will be an adjustment. "I love being at home," Dierks tells The Boot. "I love getting on the couch, getting a beer, playing with the girls, rough-housing ... I just love, love, love being on the couch and hanging with the girls."

The Locked & Reloaded tour will kick off on Jan. 17 in Columbia, S.C. See a list of more upcoming Dierks Bentley shows here.

Watch Dierks' 'Tip It on Back' Video