Dierks Bentley stays so busy touring these days that the time away from home and family - wife Cassidy and daughter Evie (turning two next month) -- has been exceptionally difficult.

"Obviously, being on the road and having Evie home is tough," the singer tells The Boot. "I love being out here, but I always miss the girls and look forward to getting back to see them when I get home."

And considering her age, every time Dierks gets home, he has surprises in store. "Every day with Evie there's a major development, whether it's a new sound she's making or a new thing she's doing with her hands. Every day there's something new going on. So I hate missing all of that."

So, what's a busy dad to do? Get tech-savvy, for one thing! "It's nice to have the technology we have today with Skype and iCameras," says the singer, who also stays up-to-date with fans and friends via Twitter. "That really helps out a lot!"

Dierks is currently on the road with Brad Paisley on the American Saturday Night tour.