Dierks Bentley, who invited fans into the studio with him in February via webcam, as he recorded 15 songs in a five-day period in Asheville, N.C., is set to release the finished product of those sessions in August. Dierks' sixth -- as-yet-untitled -- studio album is the follow-up to his Grammy-nominated, acoustic bluegrass album, 'Up on the Ridge.'

Recalling his interactive, in-studio experience, shared with some 30,000 fans who watched the streaming, 24-hour live video feed, Dierks tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "It was really fun ... to have them be part of that recording process. It was just a really interactive process."

The album's first single will reportedly be 'Am I the Only One,' set to hit radio in the next few weeks.

"(This album) will sound really good with the windows cranked down ... the louder you play it, the better it sounds," Dierks promises. "It kind of covers all the bases that I love about country music ... [fun] music, love songs, heartbreak songs and more."

Dierks kicked off his 30-city 2011 Jagermeister Country tour -- along with supporting acts Josh Thompson and Miss Willie Brown -- on Thursday (March 17) in Wallingford, Conn. The tour runs through May 13, ending in Norfolk, Va.

A Day in the Life of Dierks Bentley Video

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