Dierks Bentley is soaking up the sun in Southern California this weekend as he prepares for his Grammy Awards performance with Miranda Lambert. Aside from the excitement of that and his nomination for Best Country Solo Performance with "Home," the singer-songwriter enjoys the experience of being at the show, and the camaraderie with his fellow Nashvillians while in Los Angeles.

"There's a hotel that we all stay in out there," he tells Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean. "There's actually a bar in the hotel that we refer to as 'Bar Nashville.' It's in the back corner. It's not the cool spot to be seen ... but it's easy access to the bartender, and it's where all the Nashville guys hang out. We take it over."

And it's not just country stars who are welcomed, rockers Kings of Leon, who are also Music City residents, are among the guys Dierks hangs out with in 'Bar Nashville.' "Everyone from our little world is in that one place," he continues. "That's as much fun as anything else: hanging out by the pool or getting drinks with friends, and being excited to represent country music."

Whether the "Tip It on Back" singer hears his name called or not on Sunday night, he plans rushing the stage with friends. "I wrote a bluegrass song on the Grascals' album Life Finds a Way, and I think they will win this year," Dierks tells The Boot. "If those guys win I'm going to rush up there on stage with them, so I can say I did it!"

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will air live from Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

Watch Dierks' 'Tip It on Back' Video