For Christmas, Dierks Bentley tells the Boot, "it will be the five of us." Huh? Bentley fans are well aware that he and wife Cassidy welcomed their first child, Evalyn Day Bentley (Evie), in October 2008, but are there two more kids in the Bentley household he's kept under wraps?

Yes, if you count the four-legged variety. "People say when you have a kid, you forget about your dogs, but our dogs, Jake and Jorge, are still family," Dierks says. "It's going to be a tender Tennessee Christmas, just like the Amy Grant song."

After spending much time on the road, Dierks is happy to home alone with just his wife and kids (including the ones with paws). "We're going to be in Nashville. We've got the tree set up in our house. With a kid, it reinvents everything so I'm happy to just be at home."