Dierks Bentley says he's flattered that John Rich has recommended him to be the next country singer to compete on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

"I've heard him mention my name and it's very flattering," Dierks admits to The Boot. "I've always liked the show, and watching the competition and seeing money raised for a great cause."

John, who played to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and won, was recommended to the producers of the show by Trace Adkins, who was the runner-up in 2008. John, in turn, has said Dierks would be the perfect choice when he was quizzed by CMT Radio. "The directors of the show, they've all been asking me, 'Who do I think? Who do I think?' and I have told them Dierks. Of course, it's up to Dierks. I don't know if he'd want to do it."

The singer says that after the show Dierks would text him and ask, "Dude! What happened tonight? Oh my God, I can't believe it."

"I think a guy like Dierks would be good because he's very even tempered and he's a smart guy," John says. "He's just the kind of guy that I think, after being through the show, has the kind of attitude and smarts that could go a long way."

Because Dierks is a very charitable guy, hosting the Miles and Music for Kids motorcycle rides and participating in numerous other benefits, John thinks his buddy is a prime candidate for a show that donates money to worthy causes supported by the celebrity participants.

And then there's the hair. "To me there are so many different looks in country music. We don't all wear cowboy hats," John insists. "That's the iconic image, but I would love to see another country artist on the show who is totally different than a hat act."

Dierks says he always had confidence in John's ability to come out the winner of the show. "When John went on it, I knew he would win it right away. He's so competitive and he's got a great heart."

Dierks sounds much like Trace, who told The Boot that he felt like a proud father when John won. "They asked for a recommendation and I told them, 'Trust me, you want John Rich.' John has asked me why I recommended him and I told him I didn't want him to have any ammunition to have a bigger ego than he already has. [laughs] I just knew he would do what they needed, and I was right."

Dierks appreciates John telling the producers about him, but he's not sure now is a great time for him to say yes, should they come calling.

"Right now my plate is full, because I'm trying to write and finish a record, and tour, so I'll probably just be Tivo-ing it as I always have. But I'm definitely flattered for him to suggest me for sure."

The new cast for 'The Celebrity Apprentice' won't be announced for another six months, so Dierks has a lot of time to think about what he would do should he receive that phone call! In the meantime, fans can catch Dierks on tour in Big Flatts, N.Y. on June 17 and Ayton, Ontario, Canada on June 18.

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