When Memphis-born singer-songwriter Deborah Allen ('Baby I Lied') returned to her hometown during Elvis Week to debut her new release, 'Amazing Graceland,' she and her video crew decided to take an off-road drive in hopes of finding a picturesque location to shoot a new video. Instead, they found themselves on the wrong side of the law!

Following a service road under the old Memphis Arkansas Bridge, Deborah and her manager, Raymond Hicks and video director, Mark Nicolosi came upon what looked like the perfect delta setting and were instantly swarmed by police officers and surrounded by flashing blue lights. Weapons drawn, the charging officers were shouting, "Stay in the car! Keep your hands on the dash! Keep your hands in sight and don't move!"

It seems Deborah and crew had unknowingly driven into an area heavily protected by Homeland Security and were risking a violation of the Patriot Act. Following an interrogation and search, the officers came to realize the singer clearly posed no terrorist threat. After the dust had settled, the officers even listened to Deborah's new song ... and then left with a personal invite from the singer to be her guests at her Sept. 10 performance at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center near Memphis.

Deborah appeared on Sirius/XM's Elvis Radio on Aug. 13 to debut 'Amazing Graceland,' the song she wrote in tribute to the life and home of Elvis Presley. Elvis Radio is the only all-Elvis, all-the-time radio station, broadcasting live from Graceland.

Deborah's new single, 'Amazing Graceland' is available now.