Deana Carter is set to release her new album, 'Southern Way of Life,' on Dec. 2. The project, which is self-produced, is her first for her own label, Little Nugget Records.

Carter says that the album is meant to be autobiographical, and while there are serious moments, she lends her own humor to the entire project.

"Most of these songs mimic my own life," Carter states. "Instinctively autobiographical, the project weaves through many levels of emotions and situations culminating with the title track that will make any Southern smile."

Recently-crowned 2013 CMA New Artist of the Year Kacey Musgraves joins Carter on a few songs on the album, with collaborations on 'I Don't Want To' and 'That's Just Me.' 'Southern Way of Life' also features collaborations with Tyler Hilton and Damon Elliot.

After success in the industry early on, Carter has been on a break from making music since the birth of her son nine years ago.

“He saved my life and I am dedicated to being the best mom I can be, therefore it was and is important for me to have taken a break in my career to raise him properly," she says. "Recently, he said to me, ‘Mom, when are you going to get back on the stage and sing?’ That little jolt inspired me and here I am, back with one of my favorite collections I have ever recorded.”

Carter recently made her debut on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and is planning to tour in 2014. 'Southern Way of Life will be available for pre-order Thanksgiving weekend.

Deana Carter, 'Southern Way of Life' Track List:

1. 'You Can’t Stay'
2. 'Before You Left'
3. 'I Know Better'
4. 'I’ll Save My Love'
5. 'I Don’t Want To'
6. 'That’s Just Me'
7. 'Waiting for You'
8. 'I Barely Knew'
9. 'Do or Die'
10. 'Southern Way of Life'