David Nail's hotly-anticipated sophomore album, 'The Sound of a Million Dreams,' is set for release on November 15. It's the follow-up to the Grammy-nominated 'I'm About to Come Alive' (Best Male Vocal Country Performance for 'Turning Home'), and an ACM nomination for Single of the Year ('Red Light').

Produced by Chuck Ainlay and Frank Liddell, the new album will include the Missouri native's current Top 20 hit, 'Let It Rain.' In October, fans will have the chance to hear tracks from the new disc when the singer opens several shows for Taylor Swift on her Speak Now tour.

In an exclusive chat with The Boot, David shared a few details of the new album, noting that because his debut disc was more moody and reflective, he wanted to branch out and make the new disc "stand up on its own a little bit more. Make it a record you listen to and automatically anticipate seeing live with songs that will really stand out live."

David also notes that he's planning to include a song on the album called 'I Thought You Knew,' co-written with Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley.

"They had started with another songwriter, Monty Powell, who was out on the road with them," he explains. "More than anything they were stuck in the thought process of 'is this something we should continue to work on or should we move on to something else?' I walked in and Charles was mumbling some lines that I don't think he was quite sold on. I thought they were really cool and different than anything I would have pursued. It was neat to sit back and watch them work. I was more or less a referee to say, 'I like that' or 'Maybe we should explore something else here.' I was very thankful for the opportunity to sit on the bus and watch it all come to life."

'The Sound of a Million Dreams,' on MCA Nashville, will be released November 15. Keep track of David's tour schedule here.

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