Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley are two of the friendliest guys in the business ... Just beware of "friending" them on Facebook!

Even though the targeted purpose of Facebook is to bring people closer together, the truth is that sometimes the people you are "friends" with aren't really friends at all. The Facebook community has had enough of these so-called "unfriends" and they are taking action to rectify the annoyance.

Wednesday, November 17 was dubbed 'National Unfriend Day' by the Facebook community, and TV host Jimmy Kimmel predicted "it's going to be bigger than Easter." Kimmel recruited Darius and Brad to help him celebrate the momentous occasion. The country crooners performed 'To All the Friends I've Un'ed Before' -- to the tune of Willie Nelson's 'To All the Girls I've Loved Before,' of course -- on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Wednesday night. "All big holidays have holiday music," Jimmy rationalized. Watch the hilarious clip below.