Fans who tuned into "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday night (Jan. 9) to see Brad Paisley perform his latest single, "Southern Comfort Zone," also learned the title to the upcoming CD on which it appears. Wheelhouse will be the singer-songwriter's ninth studio album, which will be released on April 9. However, prior to the announcing the name, Jimmy Kimmel teased Brad, saying he should call the project Thriller, after Michael Jackson's legendary record.

"That's a great idea," Brad agreed. "If you're lucky, they'll mess up all the royalty checks. I was thinking about Red. Anyone named their album Red lately? Would that do well?"

Luckily, Brad let Taylor Swift take that title for her three-times platinum record, and explained why he settled on Wheelhouse for his. "It's all about leaving your comfort zone, this album," he explained. "It's like, what is my wheelhouse? The baseball expression, what's in your strike zone, where are you comfortable? We really have tried to go out on a limb with this record and see how far we can stretch through things."

The latest offering from the father of two is still in the works. "We've got about a month left of recording," Brad told Kimmel. "This is the first time I've sole produced it. It's the first time I've done a record with no one there who knows how to do one. I really wanted it to be -- I don't know -- special or something."

After joking about choosing the "lazy" way to make an album, the country superstar discussed his decision to record in his home studio.

"It's a bit like you party, because you're so late," he admitted. "It's in another house on our farm, and I'm, three in the morning, walking back home. Sort of the walk of shame, only you've been actually working. I'm just walking past these horses which are in our field and it sort of feels wrong. Maybe it's because my family's up at the house, and I'm done working, with these late hours."

Watch the full interview here.

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