Craig Morgan expected to have some crazy adventures while filming the first season of his new Outdoor Channel show, 'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors,' but nothing could have prepared him for the scary reality he faced during the filming of one particular episode, when he was stuck in a snowstorm as his daughter's home was being invaded by a gunman! Craig, who was hunting deer for an episode of the show, was on the phone with his wife as the event was unfolding, but had no way to get to his daughter to help her.

"During one show taping I was on a hunt, and I got a phone call that my daughter's house in Arkansas had been broken into. She was in the house and there was a gunman in the house," Craig recalls. "That was real life stuff. That was happening as we were filming. I freaked out! I was in the blind and didn't know it was happening at first, and my wife was texting me: 'Call me!'"

Luckily, Craig had taught his kids how to responsibly handle firearms early on, so his daughter was well prepared to defend herself in the event the robber had managed to get to her inside her bedroom. Of course at the time, that didn't help Dad feel much better as he sat worrying in the snow, hundreds of miles away from his little girl. But in the end, the criminal was apprehended and Craig's daughter was safe and sound.

"Everything turned out just fine, thank goodness," the father of five reports. "My daughter was smart enough to go in her bedroom and lock herself up, and she had a pistol, so she was waiting if he came through. Thank goodness he didn't, because she would have had to have shot him. And her biggest thing was she would've felt bad, because she knows that she would've had to talk to someone and they would've asked her if she felt bad about it, and she would have had to say NO! [laughs] And they would've thought she was crazy.

"I also have a 14-year-old in the house right now who has a great respect for weapons and understands the impact they have," Craig continues. "And I'm very fortunate I live in the country where my daughter has a right to have a pistol to protect herself. That's the way we looked at it."

'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors' airs Saturdays at 11:00 AM ET on the Outdoor Channel. Read our full interview with the singer/TV host here.

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