Craig Campbell is showing his fans a new, sexier side of himself with the video for his latest single, “Tomorrow Tonight." The song is the debut release from his upcoming album on Red Bow Records.

“I had to break out my acting skills for this one,” Campbell says of the video, which shows him playing a love interest in the romantic scenes. “It definitely shows a side of me that has not been on camera yet. I’m excited for everyone to finally see it!”

Campbell, who co-wrote "Tomorrow Tonight" with Justin Wilson and Vicky McGehee, says the song is the perfect way to introduce his upcoming set of tunes.

“It encompasses all of what I love about country music right now,” Campbell explains of the song. “It has a balance of what you think of as more traditional and also more modern sounds. I really believe in finding a way to meet in the middle — it lets me be proud of the music I make and am writing.”

The 36-year-old, who released two albums and two EPs on Bigger Picture Music Group before the record label unexpectedly closed, says that he is excited about the possibilities he has on a bigger record label.

“I think we did a great job over at Bigger Picture with the resources we had, but I always felt like I kept hitting a ceiling,” Campbell tells The Boot. “I felt like I was here to do bigger things than what I have done.

“When I signed with Red Bow, with Broken Bow, this past December, I feel like the next level is about to be reached,” he continues. “We hit the ground running, went in and started cutting some new songs and finally got one picked out to be the first single. It’s good stuff.”

Download “Tomorrow Tonight” on iTunes.