Craig Campbell has released the lyric video for his newest single, "Tomorrow Tonight."

The track marks a milestone for Campbell, whose record label, Bigger Picture Music Group, unexpectedly closed last year, leaving the singer searching for a new musical home. Campbell signed with Red Bow Records at the end of 2014, and "Tomorrow Tonight" marks his debut release with the label.

“It encompasses all of what I love about country music right now,” Campbell says of the song. “It has a balance of what you think of as more traditional and also more modern sounds. I really believe in finding a way to meet in the middle — it lets me be proud of the music I make and am writing."

The track's lyric video literally paints a picture for the viewer, giving glimpses of a couple holding hands and hanging out on the beach at sunset while the song's lyrics float over the screen.

"Tomorrow Tonight" focuses on a couple that is entering an evening that neither one of them is likely to forget, with Campbell singing, “'Cause tonight, I’m kissing you right / And holding you like this night ain’t ever gonna end / Tonight, you’ll lose track of time / Trying to keep that moonlight shining bright / Hanging high up in the sky, girl / I’m gonna change your tomorrow, tonight."

“I think there was some subject matter that I haven’t touched on yet -- for lack of a better word, getting sexier on this album with some songs,” Campbell tells Country Weekly of the tune. “My wife likes it.”

"Tomorrow Tonight" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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