Craig Campbell has released a brand-new tune, "Tomorrow Tonight." The song, which is the debut single from an upcoming album, is his first release on Red Bow Records.

"It encompasses all of what I love about country music right now," Campbell says of the song. "It has a balance of what you think of as more traditional and also more modern sounds. I really believe in finding a way to meet in the middle -- it lets me be proud of the music I make and am writing."

Campbell began his country music career in 2010, when he signed with Bigger Picture Music Group. He released two albums and two EPs with the label before it folded last year.

“When it closed, I was deflated. But, after thinking about it, I realized I was still working and doing my thing,” Campbell says. His single at the time, "Keep Them Kisses Comin'," was rapidly climbing up the charts.

“The song was a hit song, so I became my own radio guy. I started calling stations and asked them not to give up on me because we didn’t have a record label," Campbell adds. "Sure enough, we were able to move the song about six more spots after it closed, which was a testament to the song and the relationships I had out in radio.”

The Georgia native, who spent an astonishing 54 weeks on the charts with his 2012 single, "Outta My Head," was thrilled to sign with the Red Bow label, which is also home to artists like Joe Nichols, Chase Bryant and David Fanning.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I’ve had my eyes on them and am just in awe of how they have been breaking artists and are having so much success in being a powerhouse record label,” Campbell says. “Some people would call them an independent, but they have been kicking everybody’s butt. I wanted what they have, and after Bigger Picture closed, I made a call, and the Good Lord shined love down on me and got me a meeting with them, and the rest is history. I’m so excited.”

Campbell is planning on releasing his new record next year. Download "Tomorrow Tonight" on iTunes.

Listen to Craig Campbell, "Tomorrow Tonight":