Craig Campbell's single "See You Try" is a testament to a relationship that stays flirty and fun even after years of marriage. For the country singer, the song hits close to home: Its subject, at least to Campbell, is Mindy Ellis, his wife.

While "See You Try" was written by James McNair, Jordan Schmidt and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, Campbell says that he instantly gravitated to it because of its personal connection to his own experiences with his wife. Read on to learn more about how Campbell decided to record the track, and why it stood out to him as a single.

We put the word out that we were looking for a song. We didn't want to hear a bunch of songs; we didn't want to hear good songs, we didn't want to hear great songs -- we wanted to hear the best songs. I said, "I want to hear the songs before Blake [Shelton] hears them. I want to hear the songs before Luke [Bryan] hears them. That's the song I wanna hear."

[Personal connection] definitely plays into choosing a song, especially when I didn't write it. It's hard for me to sing a song I don't relate to. As soon as I heard "See You Try," I connected to it. Sometimes I'll be out with my friends and Mindy'll be there, and she'll be like, "Hey, let's leave." And I'll be like, "I'm having a good time!" Then she goes into this whole mode of convincing me, and I love it. That's what the song's about.

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