Not that we're knocking flowers or chocolate, but words can speak a lot louder this Valentine's Day.

"I would follow you around the world and back again," Emily Robison sings on the Court Yard Hounds touching love song, 'I Miss You.'

The Hounds are helping fans out with a last-minute Valentine's gift today, by giving away the song for free in a special e-card. Click here to simply enter your special someone's name and email address, along with a personalized message, and they'll receive an email linking to your card that plays 'I Miss You,' along with a free mp3 download of the song.

"Being in the music business, we can find ourselves away from the ones we love on Valentine's Day," Emily tells The Boot. "'I Miss You' is an ode to making that long distance love on the other end of the phone last."

"We want to give people who are in a similar situation of being away from the person they love the opportunity to share a song that really hits home," adds the Hounds' Martie Maguire.

You can't beat free music for this Valentine's Monday, perhaps to be enjoyed with a big red heart-shaped box.

"I prefer to celebrate with an experience as oppose to a gift," says Emily, "although you just can't go wrong with good chocolate!"

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