It seems like most country stars look quite a bit younger than their actual age, so we're putting that theory to the test.

By now, pretty much everyone who uses the internet has visited to find out what age the site says they look -- and some of the results are hilarious! The site, which asks users to upload a photo of themselves or their friends so that the computer can guess their age and gender, uses face recognition software and is pretty accurate when it comes to knowing whether the photo is of a male or a female, but when it come to age ... not so much.

The Boot used with pictures of Blake SheltonTaylor SwiftLuke BryanCarrie Underwood and more. The site provided some good laughs when we saw how off it was with artists like Tim McGraw and Scotty McCreery, but it was surprisingly accurate with quite a few of our favorite singers.

Click through the gallery above to see how well did with its guessing!

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